The passage from Acts talks of the preachings of the disciples as a result of Jesus’ resurrection.  The conviction of the disciples that Jesus was still with them after his resurrection formed the basis for the early church. The disciples formed the early church based on Jesus’ teachings. This preaching has several elements. First God did not care who you are, He accepted everyone who does the right thing. Next the preaching carried the message of peace. Another point was that God anointed Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit. Like Jesus, we are christened to carry out God’s work and His ministry. In addition, the disciples preached that Jesus went around doing good. The disciples reminded everyone that Jesus was put to death for doing his good works. Lastly, They spoke of God raising Jesus up on the third day. It is an interesting point that only a chosen few were allowed to see Jesus after his resurrection. It was these individuals that went on to preach, heal, and teach. While early Christians valued each of the eight points equally, later Christians elevated the resurrection and used it as a test of faith.  Today Christians use the belief in the bodily resurrection as a test question to separate the believers from the unbelievers. What happened to Jesus? Jesus was resurrected in each of us.