Today is World Communion Sunday. This is a way to show solidarity with our fellow Christians as we focus on the sacrament of Communion which binds us together. It is one of only two sacraments recognized by the Protestant church. A sacrament is an act which reveals, points to, or causes the unique action or presence of the divine. A sacrament tells us God is at work. Whenever two or three are gathered, God is there. When the divine is present, wonderful things happen. Now God is always present among us but we do not always pay attention to this presence. The sacrament of Communion calls us to pay attention.

The main focus during this sacrament is reconciliation, grace, healing, oneness, and forgiveness. In our reading today, Paul reminds us that we all arrive at this table as equals. There are no differences. If we wish to be in the Empire of God, come to dinner/Communion. We must make a decision, stay in our self-made ghetto or come to the table of God. An example of this on a global scale is the change in South Africa through the truth and reconciliation project. Unless we are reconciled and forgive, we are at odds with our relationships. Communion brings us together. The man in the parable gave a dinner but his invited guests did not come, so he instructed his servants to go out among the city and invite everyone to come, the poor and the outcasts. God has prepared a great feast (this world), everyone is invited to share in it. Will you accept?