The reading today from Psalm 46 speaks so powerfully to our own lives. The voice is personal and intimate. Everyone has encountered trouble at some point in their lives. There is a deep human connection in the Psalms. Today’s reading is not just about natural disasters or war, it is about all kinds of trouble.

The followers of God are not exempt from trouble. Whether it is illness, job loss, broken relationships, economic misfortune. or just some everyday troubles, God is there to help and support us. God is present, no matter what. Author M. Scott Peck said it best, “Life is hard.” We do our best but life happens. Our faith in a divine presence empowers us to face the unknown hardships. It is faith that allows those who suffer to get up each day and continue to face adversity.

Even when we make a mistake, God is with us, our refuge and strength. Many feel there is trouble coming after this latest election. God is already here with us. We need our faith to face all the world’s troubles. The morning will come. Winter will end. We can survive. We will be present on all fronts where trouble exists and God will be with us by our side.