Our reading today is typically known as “The Sermon on the Mount” or the “Beatitudes.” Scholars of the Jesus Seminar believe the true translation equivalent is not “blessed are…” but “congratulations.” These are strange congratulations though. Hallmark does not make a card with these sayings. These “Jesus cards” give us upside-down congratulations instead. They also come with an explanation.

These explanations need further explanations so the people today may understand them. Taken as a whole, these congratulations describe what the Christian attitude and orientation to the world around us ought to be. They are also a call to faith. Living a life according to our faith rather than how the world can be allows God’s kingdom to shine through. You are in good company with those who have come before us. You should be upside-down! Turn the world upside-down with your faith and good works! Congratulations for you are God’s child.