Given By Steve Meineke July 30, 2017

Our guest minister speaks to us today on healing the current rift between progressive and evangelical Christians. He is not downplaying the differences we have on important social issues though. There is a path of peace and reconciliation through conversation. Today’s reading talks about how Jesus asks us to look for the emergence of the kingdom of heaven. It is like yeast or mustard seed. In the beginning, it is unimpressive. Given the right environment, results are very impressive. By talking about our religious and political differences, we may find common ground on which to build a lasting bond. To have a healing conversation, we need to have empathy and understanding. The landscape of “white” Christian culture has changed in the last 10 years. It is now in the minority. Churches are changing. Culture is now more important than policy. While we continue to speak out against injustice, remember to have some empathy for those having a more difficult time letting go. Ease the path of the evangelical as they slowly embrace the changes happening around them.  Only then can healing begin.