Given By Dr. Fred Arzola September 3,2017

There are two types of people, ones who do the same thing over and over and those who try new things. Those who are introverts and those who are extroverts.  It is natural to be drawn to like-minded people. Unfortunately, people also tend to divide into two groups, us and them. This is the language of judgement, fear, and superiority. Today’s reading tells the story of Jesus learning of John the Baptist being thrown in jail. They shared a special bond, one of a prophet. John was Jesus’s mentor. He paved the way for Jesus. After learning of John’s imprisonment, Jesus withdrew to Galilee. This was north of Judea. The people of Judea looked down on the people of Galilee. They were THOSE people. Jesus’s ministry began in religious diversity, not with Jews but with the gentiles.  As one prophet ends, another takes its place. Today, who will step forward? How can we carry on this mission? History has shown that it is those on the margins, those people, that often lead the way. Enlightenment comes in our humble and ordinary reality. May we see the beauty in our everyday lives.