Event on October 22, 2017

The forum today is co-sponsored by the ACLU and Pilgrim United Church of Christ. The two-person panel consists of the Reverend Robert W. Lee, IV, and  Reverend Carl Crider. Our Reverend Madison Shockley acts as the moderator. We believe this conversation needed to occur given what is going on in our country today. We need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. That is how we grow. Racism does not just mean others are at a disadvantage but that white privilege provides an invisible package of unearned assets that can be cashed in each day. Most whites are oblivious to its existence. As the video demonstrates, sometimes we need “white privilege glasses”. Racism should not be seen as just individual acts of meanness but as a system to confer racial dominance of whites over others since birth. Each guest speaker talk about their own experiences with white privilege then about what is going on in society. The last part of this forum opened up to questions from the audience.