Given By Rev. Madison Shockley December 24, 2017

On this Christmas Eve, we look at the role Mary plays in the Christmas story. Every year, month, and day is the moment of the woman. It is hard not to consider the essential contributions and role women play in everyday life. Many have tried. Historically, women have been excluded from many human activities. Economically, politically, in education, and in science, women have been shut out. This “bro” culture allows harassment and perpetuates a rape culture. Lately, the “bro” culture has been given some comeuppance. The “Me Too” movement has shone a bright light on this behavior. Today’s reading talks about the importance of Mary. Without Mary, there is no Jesus. She plays an important role in
God’s ministry. It can be looked at two ways, a trap or a trampoline. The angel in Luke’s story goes to Mary, giving her a voice in events. Mary preaches a message of liberation and reversal of fortune. This is God’s call to Mary. It should act as a trampoline for women’s status and power. Men were so afraid of women’s power that we have turned it into a trap. The price tag is perpetual virginity. Mary ‘s sexual part of her humanity is stripped away. Perpetual motherhood is now the only path of value for women in life. Lastly,  Mary is stripped of her divinity. Instead of honor, motherhood is a forced duty. Today. we see this philosophy in the far-right mantra of “we need more white babies.”  They are asking women to do their patriotic duty and have more babies. We don’t have a people problem but a white people problem. The true solution to population growth is education and the participation of women in society. What is needed is a conversation among women about family and the role of women in society that values human life over capital. On this Christmas Eve, let us hear Mary’s message about the role of women in our world. Let it be a trampoline to all!