Given By Rev. Madison Shockley February 4, 2018

February is Black History Month. This is our inspiration for today’s sermon. Few have a stronger case to ask if God has forgotten them than those of African descent. In America, slavery began in  1619. It continued for almost 250 years before being abolished. During this period, something else occurred. Blacks were not allowed to speak their native language, were stripped of their culture, and stripped of their religion. The only religion available was Christianity.  No system of oppression is perfect though. Slaves learned to read and read about other people in the Bible who were oppressed. They found hope that God had not forgotten them. The slaves could either take this message passively – don’t rebel, or actively – struggle for their freedom until God comes to their aid. They prepared for this opportunity. One of the aspects of black history is blacks take something given to them and transform it and make it their own. This is true of the Christian religion. Black churches evolved from white churches and became something unique. It helped fight racism and supported the struggle for equality. These churches answer the question we ask today – has God forgotten us? The answer is a resounding no. Every movement for freedom  has looked to the struggles of Black Americans for guidance and inspiration. How long must we wait for freedom, rights, justice, or progress?  Not long!