Given By Neal Washburn April 29 2018

Love one another. Sounds simple. We learned that the early church may have had a problem with this. John reminded them that God is love and that his followers could be known since that love would be demonstrated.  This is different from erotic love or emotional affection. This love is also known as agape. It is the opposite of selfish love. Agape love is rare. Its power can cure the world though. It is a sacrifice of self for the sake of others even if those others hate us.  As Christians, we should love everyone. If we say we love but hate someone or a group of individuals then we are liars. Today, we live in strange times. Politics and religion are involved in a strange dance. We are not enemies, we just have different opinions. Jesus demonstrated this love every day. It was about giving, not receiving. For such a simple instruction, this task is not easy. It takes strength and commitment. John reminds us we are loved by God. Share the love we have been given. There is no substitute.