Given By Rev. Jaime Romo May 6 2018

The church community, 90 years after Jesus’s death, was evolving. Today’s reading speaks to this transformation. This Sunday is both Safe Church Sunday and communion. Both are about community and connection. The reading from John touches on love, friendship, and the commandments. John speaks about going out into the community and showing our commitment to these concepts. This is what Jesus taught, going into the community and showing love and commitment. How does this influence us today? One person can be that crazy dancer. Someone who goes out, alone, and makes a stand. A movement is nothing without followers though. Soon someone else chooses to join. Others now see that it is OK and they join too. As more people see this group, the more people feel comfortable to join. Now we have a movement. All it takes are a few brave, committed people to change the world. We can be that light and lead the way for a better community. We are more powerful together. We must be in community to heal.