Given By Mitra Zarinebaf, Dakota Castro, and Maria Walsh on May 20 2018

On this Youth Sunday, we will hear 3 sermons.  Their theme is believe in us. The first sermon reminds us that today’s youth are capable of standing up for their rights. After the Parkland shooting, the students energized a nation. While Pilgrim and others across the nation and the world stood with them, others did not. They refused to believe that teenagers could have the maturity or wisdom to understand the issues facing our nation or the power to create change. Teens are more than just a stereotype. The reading talks about Eli misunderstanding Hanna. He believed her drunk. Only after Hanna explained the issue did Eli realize his mistake. We need to take the time to listen, not just to teens but to all who suffer. The second sermon  centers on the struggles of individuals when they are not believed. Dakota suffered for years with pain because no one listened or believed that the pain was as bad as described. Dakota was not taken seriously. It was not until a therapist truly listened and said “I believe you” that things began to get better. There is power in belief. The last sermon deals with mental illness.  It is a wide range of conditions and can be overwhelming. It effects mood and behavior. It is a daily struggle. We need to remember that God is love and resides within us all. Everyone has struggles. It is our job to listen, support and , most of all, believe.