Given By Mr. Tom Boggs on July 1 2018

Today’s sermon does not come from the lectionary but from the author, Carl Sagan. A picture was taken of Earth from the Voyager I probe on February 14, 1990. Sagan wrote about the meaning of that picture and why it was important to capture this image.  This has inspired Tom Boggs to finally write and give a sermon. He challenges us to think of what our answer would be to a question. This question can be asked two ways. Both makes us think and take a stand on what we truly believe. The first is why ARE we here.  Why do you come to church? One possible answer is resetting our moral compass. Another is the social justice we do. Maybe our progressive theology fits best with your beliefs. It could be the social interactions. Most likely, it is a combination of reasons. The second way to ask the question is why are we HERE. This is broader and a more challenging question. It asks us to dig deeper into the answer of why humans are on this planet. The meaning of life itself is far more challenging. It is important to find your purpose in life and follow the path. Our experiences are part of our spiritual journey. Go out and live and feed your soul, find your spark.