Given By Rev Madison Shockley on August 5 2018

The reading today is a powerful parable. The prophet, Nathan, came to King David to confront him on the taking of Bathsheba after murdering her husband. Nathan told David a parable then revealed that he was the man in the parable who has committed a horrendous act.  David had thought he had gotten away with his crime.  Nathan tells him that God knows the truth. This parable is relevant today. David’s biggest crime was he had no compassion or pity. The United States would be the rich man in this parable. The progressive church acts as Nathan to point a finger when something is wrong. Immigrants come to us for asylum but instead of receiving them, we place them in jail and take their children. Our courts have told the government to reunite families. There are still children who have not been reunited. We must keep vigilant and be like Nathan, right the wrongs and show compassion.