Given By Neal Washburn on December 2, 2018

Today is a busy Sunday. It is the first Sunday of Advent, World AIDS Day, and Communion Sunday. The reading talks about signs. Jesus gives a prophetic message concerning the future and the coming of the Son of Man. Many view this as a message of doom and hopelessness.  Jesus talks about waiting for the signs. Like Advent, it is period of waiting. It is a time of preparation, hope, and joy. When we have hope, we have life. This is the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Significant progress has been made since 1988. Three out of four people know their status. We encourage everyone to know their status so that everyone can receive proper treatment. Testing is critical. Luke’s message is of hope for the future. He encourages us to raise our awareness.  God’s presence is transformative. Getting ready is complicated, requires moving things out of the way, and can be dangerous. Rather than doom, it is a story of hope. While we wait for Jesus, we are actively working to provide shelter and sustenance, truth to power, and hope to all.  This is what Advent is about, waiting for the light with hope.