Given By Rev. Madison Shockley March 24, 2019

The topic today speaks to what is a democratic socialist. Many today are trying to make others choose between declaring they are either a capitalistic (with us) or a socialist( against us). If you are a socialist, you must subscribe to all the failed experiments with Socialism. People are confused with what these political movements mean, particularly with the difference between Communism and Socialism. Socialism means that a group of people work together for the betterment of all the people. Communism is the more extreme versus where the government rather than the people control the process.  Democratic Socialism applies the socialist principles through the democratic process. The government and the economy are run by the people. A balance between Capitalism and Socialism is what is needed. All that is wanted is to have enough for all. Not just to survive but to thrive. The passage from Isaiah gives us God’s desire. All who thirst, come and drink even if you have no money. It comes down to what you believe is human nature. If you believe greed motivates human nature, then Capitalism works. Everyone strives to get more. If you believe humans are driven by the desire to participate in society, then socialism works. We must be careful not to politicize faith though. This is our faith, not a political ideology. We believe all people deserve to share in the bounty of God. We champion those on the margins. God tells us that my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. God is not a Socialist, Capitalist, or a Democratic Socialist. The people of faith must figure out how to enact God’s vision without making it political. It is much bigger than that.