Given By Rev.Dr. Rebecca Todd Peters September 15, 2019

There is a time for every purpose under heaven.  Our passage today finds a king musing about the paradox of life. A message of deep humility before God is the overarching wisdom offered by this passage. This poem also offers a bit of hope. Our lives pass through seasons. It is important to discern the signs of the times. There are several signs of the times today relating to reproductive justice. Rev. Dr. Todd Peters discusses these. It is a time for those who support reproductive freedom to speak out and be heard. There are three messages we can convey as we speak on this issue. Parenting is sacred. Abortion can be a moral good. This church respects and trusts women. Women must be free of the stigma and shame of abortion.  In 1994, the Reproductive Justice movement began with 12 black women sharing their concerns.  While it is important to have reproductive rights, it is also important to be able to exercise them. Reproductive Justice is so much more than the issue of abortion. We must look at the whole picture of reproductive health. Let us join with other people of faith to trust and support women as they seek reproductive justice.