Given by Rev. Madison Shockley May 17, 202

During these times, the world needs compassionate Christianity. Few turn to 1 Peter due to its conservative patriarchal perspective. The writers had turned away from the wide acceptance preached by Jesus and the first generation Christians. Gone were the revolutionary thoughts of equality. The early church was in survival mode due to persecution. It was their way of compromising in order to live. Unfortunately, today there are still some churches who preach submission rather than equality. It was compassionate Christianity that ended slavery. It is compassionate Christianity that is ending misogyny, racism, and classism in our world. Progressives have many goals but can compassionate Christianity help us with COVID-19 too? Some church leaders used this passage to offer hope to those who felt oppressed. It can offer some comfort. It offers a refuse from a world of pain and suffering. We suffer with all those around the world. We stay home, wash hands, and wear masks. We do this to protect others from us. This is our compassion. Some have resisted these actions as a mark of their freedom in a privileged culture. This is selfish as it may kill them and us. Cast your anxiety upon God because God cares for you. Our suffering will be for a little while. We can make it to the other side. Compassion and love is the only way through.