Given by Rev. Dr. Carl Crider July 19, 2020

During the month of July, we are looking at what has formed our assumptions, our language, and our thinking. Each of us are starting at different places on this journey. We are asking hard questions about race in our community of faith. Racism is built into the foundation of American society. Even the definitions of black and white in the dictionary demonstrated clearly racist tones. Our language is rooted in white superiority. Even the church has some issues. In the 60’s, churches had “white schools” so the races would not mix. In the 20’s, a “white ” Jesus was created and distributed throughout the world. Today, the Poor People’s Campaign has a platform similar to what Blacks were fighting for in the 60’s. We need to pay attention. We seek a deeper understanding to what is going on in our country today. This is our moment. Paul asks for patience. Patience to take the steps necessary and patience with ourselves to create a better world.