Given by Rev. Madison Shockley November 29, 2020

The opening words of Paul in his letter to the Corinthians show a deep affection for his congregation. In that tradition, Rev. Shockley wants to show why he is thankful for the members of Pilgrim. At our church, we do not wear our religion on our sleeve. We are the church that if someone needs a church, we are there. We are the church for people who do not have a church. We welcome diversity. We are not afraid to face the challenges of racism. We continue to grow as individuals and as a community. Our youth continue to be leaders for justice. We showed courage and flexibility during this pandemic by having church services on-line, not missing a single Sunday. We gather in community. We have shown our generosity during this pandemic too. We have given not just money but food.  The world need Pilgrim church. We are called the Church of Last Resort. On this Pledge Sunday, we need to give one more time. Due to the pandemic, our income from the preschool has greatly diminished. We are that kind of church. Thank God for Pilgrim.