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Pilgrim is a church of advocates for equality, social justice, and loving our fellow human beings. Here you will find everything from news interviews on our work in support marriage equality, immigrant rights, and homeless advocacy, to articles written by Rev. Madison Shockley at

Environmental Moment of Concern~ Water

Given By Nan Munn Fess September 8, 2019 Our world is changing due to climate change. The environmental justice team offers some helpful tips on how you can make a difference. Video: 

The Little Drummer Boy

Family Services December 24, 2018 Our children tell the story of the little shepherd boy, Jesse, who goes to see Jesus the night of Jesus's birth. Video: 

X-Ed Beyond The Gender Binary Form Audio

Given By Ren Alexandra McKinnell on March 11, 2018 X-Ed (1) In a world that tries to define individuals as either male or female, our speaker,  Ren McKinnell, speaks to us on expanding our perspective ...