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Pilgrim is a church of advocates for equality, social justice, and loving our fellow human beings. Here you will find everything from news interviews on our work in support marriage equality, immigrant rights, and homeless advocacy, to articles written by Rev. Madison Shockley at

My Coming out Story TeQuetia “Te” Haskell The coming out story of TeQuetia "Te" Haskell. October 15, 2017 Our fellow church member, Te, recounted her powerful story. She brought us both tears and laughter. She offers encouragement with her message of ...

Moment of Concern – Immigration

This is a moment of concern relating to the executive order on immigration by the chairman of the North County Immigration Task Force, Patricia Serrano. She speak of her personal experiences with immigrants who are now dealing with the fallout from our country's new policy on immigration.

Welcoming Sunday Given By Sami Emmons On this Welcoming Sunday, one of our fellow Pilgrims shares her story. She has been coming to this church for the last three years. This is why she feels a ...

Valerie Kaur @ Watch Night Service

Valerie gives a moving speech concerning her personal journey and her concerns on women's rights, minority rights, marginalization, and immigration.