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A Second Chance At Life

By |03/25/2017|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley March 12, 2017

The Gospel of John is a different kind of gospel from the other three. Matthew, Mark and Luke are known as the synoptic gospels. John’s gospel views the life of Jesus in a different light. The early church almost did not include it in the Canon. There is

A Walk om the ‘Wild(erness)’ Side

By |03/19/2017|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley March 5, 2017

Matthew’s story of Jesus in the wilderness is sandwiched between his baptism and the official start of his ministry in the Bible. It is similar to a coming-of-age story.  It humanizes Jesus and connects us to him. This story is a metaphor. This is a spiritual journey where

Valerie Kaur @ Watch Night Service

By |03/04/2017|

Given by on Valarie Kaur Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 1518 M St NW, Washington, DC 20005, USA

Valerie gives a moving speech concerning her personal journey and her concerns on women’s rights, minority rights, marginalization, and immigration.

Moment of Concern – Immigration

By |03/04/2017|

Given by Patricia Serrano February 26, 2017

This is a moment of concern relating to the executive order on immigration by the chairman of the North County Immigration Task Force, Patricia Serrano. She speak of her personal experiences with immigrants who are now dealing with the fallout from our country’s new policy on immigration.

Sistering Towards Solidarity

By |03/04/2017|


Given By Anna Runion February 26, 2017

Our reading brings us news that Jacob’s family is now vast and strong. Unfortunately, the new king feels threatened that the Hebrews, foreigners, are now more numerous than his people. He orders his people to treat them harshly, hoping to decrease their numbers. The taskmasters gave them hard labor

“Geez, Jesus”. Love Your Enemies.??”

By |02/27/2017|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley February 19, 2017

Continuing with the lessons of Jesus, we learn more from the Sermon on the Mount. Last week, we are instructed to love our neighbor. This week, we are instructed to love our enemies. It is hard to imagine a more difficult task given the current divide in America.

A Matter of Life and Death

By |02/21/2017|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley February 12, 2017

Our reading today is one of the most well known from the Hebrew text. It tells us of Moses’s words to the people as they were about to enter the promised land. The myth says that God told his people to go into Canaan and take it for

Saving the Soul…of America

By |02/11/2017|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley February 5, 2017

February is the beginning of Black History Month. Over the course of this month, we will explore the contributions of Blacks to our religious life. These contributions take many forms; breaching, biblical scholarship, liturgy, music, and social and spiritual transformation (now known as social justice). Frederick Douglass has

Upside-Down Congratulations and Other Disorienting Sayings of Jesus

By |02/06/2017|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley January 29, 2017

Our reading today is typically known as “The Sermon on the Mount” or the “Beatitudes.” Scholars of the Jesus Seminar believe the true translation equivalent is not “blessed are…” but “congratulations.” These are strange congratulations though. Hallmark does not make a card with these sayings. These “Jesus cards”

Sami Emmons

By |01/26/2017|

Given By Sami Emmons January 22, 2017

On this Welcoming Sunday, one of our fellow Pilgrims shares her story. She has been coming to this church for the last three years. This is why she feels a welcoming church is so important. Growing up, she went to a Christian Science church with her grandparents and became