Pilgrim Children’s Center

pccPilgrim Children’s Center was established in 1974 by Pilgrim United Church of Christ as a social outreach for families of the Tri-city area. We are licensed by the State of California (Department of Social Services #372000455) and are soon to be a certified Nature Explorer Campus with an environmental education emphasis. We serve children ages 2 through 5 including a full-day kindergarten.

Through a rich developmental program, our staff encourages each child to develop at their own pace. By closely observing the children in the classroom, teachers ensure that each child has the appropriate materials and experiences available to encourage intellectual growth and social competence. Environmental education is woven into every activity from the way we wash hands in the morning to the way we recycle and reuse materials throughout the campus. Our varied programs allow us to meet the needs of working parents as well as parents looking for an enrichment program. Some financial assistance is available to families who qualify.

We believe that competent adults had experiences in childhood that allowed them to develop good communication and problem-solving skills, creativity, and acceptable ways of resolving conflicts. At Pilgrim we provide ample opportunities in all four areas.

Pilgrim Children’s Center is non-discriminatory. We value diversity and respect the values held by each family. Enrollment is based on space available. A waiting list is maintained throughout the school year. In March, enrollment is opened for the next school year, which begins in September.

To learn more, please visit http://www.pilgrimchildrenscenter.com or call 760-729-4464.

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