November 2020

A Pre-Election Sermon Series, Part 2: “How to Live on the Winning Side”~ 1 Kings 16-19

By |2020-11-14T21:49:08-07:00November 1st, 2020|sermons|

Given by Rev. Madison Shockley November 1, 2020 Today is the counterpart to last week's sermon. As Christians, our response should be to treat others as we would want to be treated. We must treat everyone with respect. After the election, those on losing side may not reciprocate. We must be prepared. Our reading today [...]

June 2019

Two Cakes and A Cup Of Water~ I Kings 19:1-8

By |2019-07-02T16:16:24-07:00June 23rd, 2019|sermons|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley June 23, 2019 Our theme concerns spiritual food. Elijah had been driven from the city in fear of his life. He was ready to give up but an angel brought him two cakes and a cup of water. It renewed his energy and enabled him to continue his journey. Throughout [...]

February 2019

When Good News Goes Bad~Luke 4: 21-30

By |2019-02-24T15:04:41-07:00February 3rd, 2019|sermons|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley February 3, 2019 Jesus's first sermon was short but powerful. He told the crowd he is bringing good news. At first, the crowd was excited. Soon after, they wanted to throw him off a cliff. Jesus reminded them that during a famine, Elijah was sent to only a widow in [...]

February 2018

Have You Been To The Mountaintop, Lately~Mark 9: 2-8

By |2018-05-26T08:44:19-07:00February 11th, 2018|sermons|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley February 11, 2018 Have you ever had a mountaintop experience? It is a moment in your spiritual life that is transcendent. Our reading today talks about that kind of moment for the disciples, Peter, James, and John. When Jesus's clothes become dazzlingly white, it offers the clue as to the [...]

June 2016

Spiritual Leadership for the 21st Century

By |2016-12-12T12:34:02-07:00June 26th, 2016|sermons|

https://vimeo.com/173197065 Today's sermon comes from 2 Kings 2. We have been talking about Elijah, one of the greatest prophets. He lived during a time of great idolatry. Great times call forth great people. God called prophets to challenge, confront, and contest those in power, whether it be a king or a priest. A prophet [...]

Madness and Murder

By |2016-12-12T12:30:53-07:00June 12th, 2016|sermons|

https://vimeo.com/171246802 The reading from I Kings 21 speaks of the troubles King Ahab encounters after his madness leads to murder. His greed causes the death of an innocent man. The anniversary of the Charleston Church shooting is coming up and still needed to be reflected on. Racism, both in our society and in our [...]

An Alliance of Losers

By |2016-12-08T17:30:06-07:00June 5th, 2016|sermons|

https://vimeo.com/169955329 The reading from I Kings 17 talks of the prophet, Elijah. Those who speak truth to power often end up as losers. Even though it is a divine appointment, it is a hard job. The times they live in are filled with terrible events which is why prophets are called. There are consequences [...]

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