In the Gospel of Luke, there is not any mention of palms on this Palm Sunday. Luke describes Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem.  Luke writes into the text a series of tests for those gathered. The first test is for the disciples. They are to steal a colt for Jesus. The second is for the colt’s owner. Will he allow the colt to go? The third test is of the crowd. Will they pledge their loyalty by throwing their cloaks on the ground in front of him? When they do, it is also a political sign of pledging their loyalty to their new king/leader. The last test is of nature. The rocks would not be silent but cry out their devotion to Jesus. The question to us today is what is Jesus to you. What would you do for Jesus? If we can show our support for political candidates (buttons, bumper stickers, lawn signs, etc.), we should not be ashamed to show our faith too. During these political times, how do we stay true to Jesus’ world view? We must give of ourselves completely to the vision of Jesus. We need to give the shirt off our back for Jesus!