The reading from I Kings 17 talks of the prophet, Elijah. Those who speak truth to power often end up as losers. Even though it is a divine appointment, it is a hard job. The times they live in are filled with terrible events which is why prophets are called. There are consequences for telling the powerful the truth. Their lives are often in danger. God sends Elijah into the wilderness for his safety. He is cared for by a poor widow. When one chooses to be true to one’s faith and values, it is often at the expense of your status, community standing, livelihood, and even your life. People often do not want to hear the truth. Peer pressure stops us from speaking up even when you know something is wrong. The need to conform is necessary for oppression to succeed and thrive. Your defiance now makes you are the enemy. By choosing the right thing, you could end up a “loser.” When losers get together, we can make great things happen. We survive together.