Given By Judith Johnson May 21, 2017

Matter is anything you can touch, smell, or taste, has mass, and takes up space. Non-matter does not have these qualities. Some non-matter can be defined like the concept of time. Other non-matter eludes definition like the concept of love. Today, we are talking about one such concept, spirit.  There are some questions that are difficult to ask.  What does God feel like? How do we know when it is here? The reading today continues the conversation between the disciples and Jesus. Jesus assures them that they will not be alone after he is gone. They will be bound together through the Spirit. It will connect them through love. Jesus said that the Spirit would dwell in us. We can reach out to encounter the spirit in others. Today, we can show our love through helping, counseling, encouragement, and comforting. This concept of spirit can be challenging in today’s technological society. We have been trained to question everything and demand proof. How then do we explain the connection with the Holy Spirit and how we feel its presence in our lives? We are reminded to be aware of those moments that connect us, make us feel compelled to find justice, comforts us, or brings us joy.