Given By Neal Washburn August 13, 2017

This week, the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, fit in with today’s scripture reading. The counter-protesters are like Peter, all are risk-takers. The reading talks about Jesus walking on water. The disciples are in a boat battered by high winds and surf. As Jesus approaches, they are in disbelief. Peter asks Jesus to command him to walk out to Jesus so he can walk on water too. Jesus does. At first, Peter succeeds. He was a risk-taker while the other disciples were unsure of what to do. He questioned the unbelievable. He challenged the authority of Jesus. Questioning authority can be difficult. Peter steps out of the safety of the boat. Then Peter’s doubt increases and he begins to sink. Peter takes another risk and asks Jesus to save him. Today’s question is who do you identify with? The other disciples, Peter, or Jesus? Pilgrim Church is constantly a risk-taker. We encourage others to be risk-takers too.