Given By Rev Madison Shockley on July 8 2018

Paul preaches that power is a paradox. Where we think it is, it is not. Where we least expect it, it is there. One of the greatest examples is the story of David and Goliath. That power is a paradox is one of the fundamental beliefs of our faith. God’s power lies where some see earthly weakness. Paul is trying to assert his power over the congregations he had established. There is power in weakness. God’s grace is enough to overcome all weakness. When we can acknowledge our weaknesses, we allow others to enter and give us strength. We are more powerful together. Enduring power comes from empathy and giving. Power is not the capacity to act in cruel and uncaring ways. This is a misunderstanding of true power. By doing good in our daily lives, we are at our most powerful. Pilgrims fight for many causes. Do not be discouraged. In our weakness, there is strength. Our weakness shall become perfected power.