Given By Linda Thompson August 11, 2019

Our reading talks about Moses. God chose Moses to lead His people yet Moses questioned God’s choice. He did not believe himself to be a leader. Moses asked for God’s name as proof in case the people asked. God told him,”I am who I am.” Moses was a doubter. He continued to find reasons to argue with God in an effort to convince God that Moses was not the one who should lead. God always gave Moses what he needed to succeed. Pilgrim Church believes God is still speaking to us today. Are we still listening or are we questioning what God wants us to do, just like Moses? There are people who think they can define what you do, say, think, or even be. You are SOMEBODY. You only need to act like it. You can be afraid and doubt but you should try anyway. God will give you what you need when the time is right. Trust in God.