Given by Rev. Madison Shockley December 24 2019

On this holy night, we reflect on a child’s birth. We seek the world envisioned by Isaiah. A world governed by justice and righteousness. This world must be accomplished in the real world by real people. Into a world filled with corruption and greed, a child is born. This child brings us hope.  Luke speaks of angels singing and proclaiming the joyous news. We all have birth stories. Some more dramatic than others.  No one knows what a baby will become when it grows up.  We can only project unlimited dreams.  Since we do not live in a monarchy, we find it difficult to understand the true meaning of Luke’s description of the birth of a royal child. We can get a hint from the modern birth of the British prince, Archie. Jesus’s birth was more significant. He will influence future generations for the entire world, not just a nation.  While Archie was born into a rich family, Jesus was born poor and in difficult times.  Yet his impact is greater than any other human being in history on the world. A child should not be defined by the circumstances of their birth. Limiting immigration to our country based on this harms us and our future.  Lastly, let us not forget Mary, she is feeling unlimited joy at her child’s birth.  All is right with the world!