Given by Rev. Madison Shockley July 26, 2020

Most prophets were fire and brimstone preachers. Isaiah was a prophet in the 7 century CE. The Black Lives Matter movement might be considered the 21st century’s prophet. Today, we are doing a remix of Isaiah’s message. We speak to America today. Some have forsaken our values as Israel did. Some worship other gods like money, power, white supremacy, and white privilege.  God sent the prophets to breathe fire unto Israel. Today we share the message of James Baldwin. He speaks about the “negro problem.” Blacks are here and demand justice and equality. They have survived 400 years of oppression and still they rise. Despite efforts by some, Blacks are here to stay. What can we do? Repent! It is our Christian duty. Our faith requires us to go in a new direction, toward equality and love. Repentance requires action. Our nation shall be redeemed by justice. Be part of this change.