Given by Rev. Madison Shockley December 19, 2021

Today we hear one of the birth narratives.  Luke’s version differs from Matthew’s. These are not historical accounts. The purpose for Luke’s narrative is so the readers understand the meaning of Jesus from birth until death. The birth of Jesus accomplishes the task of letting the poor and powerless of the world know that God was on their side. This was a cause to celebrate. Luke gave Mary a song to sing. Scholars are able to link each line of the song to different passages from the Old Testament. It outlines the ministry of Jesus. Jesus’s purpose would be social justice. The rich and powerful would be brought down. This song was treasonous. It was good news to the poor though. The truth about the gospel was it brings hope to the powerless. God’s power was on the side of all who were oppressed and still is today.  Luke’s story is like a musical. Life is a dance and this is music we can dance to.