Given by Rev. Madison Shockley February 20, 2022

Jesus told us to love our enemies. This is at the core of his teachings yet this is the hardest ask of all. Let us look at Jesus’s goal with this lesson. The Roman Empire was known for its harsh punishment of its enemies. Jesus taught the way of non-violence. This would end the cycle of revenge and violence. This was a way of conquest through love. Enemies become friends. We need to seek justice, not retribution. We must seek to live in harmony. Examples of individuals who have created real change through peace are Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.. Unfortunately, we are losing some of the ground they fought for. Many states are limiting voting rights for minorities and the poor. We must find new ways of love to counter the hate. Recently, the Capitol Police Officers showed restraint in the face of hatred. They could have slaughtered the protesters but they did not. They showed “Soul Force” and saved lives. We must find, understand, and treat our enemies hurt and pain. Through this kind of love, we will find the healing and harmony we seek.