Given by Rev. Madison Shockley March 6, 2022

As you read today’s reading, we ask that you think of the people of Ukraine. We also want you to keep in mind that the Psalms are songs and were sung in ancient times. While we have lost the music, we still have the lyrics. This particular psalm was written for a time of war. It narrates the story of David trying to survive against the schemes of Saul. The Israelites asked God to send them a king to lead them against their enemies. Saul became their king but he was not a good one. Like most kings, Saul tried to stay in office by any means necessary. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Saul became jealous of the popularity of David. He tried to kill David several times but David remained loyal to the king. Luckily, Saul’s son, Jonathan, sought to protect David from the king. Today many countries are sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine to help in the war with Russia. Russia is declaring that this aid is an act of war and threatening these countries. We hope that the people of Ukraine and anyone else living with insecurity and fear, find comfort in the words in this psalm. May they find courage to live their truth and live their faith.