September 2021

Are We There Yet?~ Romans 8:31-39

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Given by Rev. Adrienne Armes September 5, 2021 Everyone has asked the question. Every parent dreads the question. Are we there yet? Life is about the journey, not the destination. Sometimes, that journey seems so difficult. Surprises occur. Detours are needed. The journey is not simple. Sometimes the goal changes. There can be loss. Sometimes [...]

July 2021

Does God Need A House~2 Samuel 7: 1-14a

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley July 18, 2021 Today, we talk about housing. In the reading, David lives in a fine palace but the Ark of God stays in a tent. It felt wrong to David that God was homeless. The prophet, Nathan, has a message from God. God has been house-less for quite a [...]

June 2020

You’re Welcome~Matthew 10: 40-42

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley June 28, 2020 Those who welcome you are welcoming me. Those that welcome me are welcoming the One who sent me. The lesson we learn from Jesus is that, sometimes, welcoming someone is not always easy. By reading the entire 10th chapter, we can better understand the true meaning of [...]

July 2018

Why Are We Here~Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagon

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Given By Mr. Tom Boggs on July 1 2018 Today's sermon does not come from the lectionary but from the author, Carl Sagan. A picture was taken of Earth from the Voyager I probe on February 14, 1990. Sagan wrote about the meaning of that picture and why it was important to capture this image.  [...]

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