Empire of God

April 2022

Have You Found Jesus?~ Luke 24: 1-12

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley April 17, 2022 Happy Easter! Resurrection is a difficult concept. Unlike Jesus's birth, his resurrection was not an observable event. In order to reverse the death of Jesus, the writers talk about an empty tomb. The early writers were not talking about a bodily resurrection. They sought a moral and [...]

June 2021

What You See Is Not What You Get~ Mark 4: 30-33

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley June 13, 2021 Our reading talked about Jesus teaching the crowd with a sermon of parables. Jesus always had a revolutionary message in his parables. He taught against the status quo. One of these parables was about the mustard seed, a small seed that grows into a large plant. Parables [...]

January 2020

Follow Who~Matthew 4:12-23

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley January 26 2020 According to the church calendar, we turn our focus to Jesus's ministry. Last week, we talked about the baptism of Jesus. John the Baptist was his mentor. When John was arrested, Jesus went to Galilee.  There he continued to spread the gospel. Jesus was spreading the movement. [...]

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