February 2022

Eyes Wide Shut~ Isaiah 6: 8-10

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley February 6, 2022 Today's passage is mentioned in the gospels to help explain why those exposed to the Good News failed to understand that God was working through the life and ministry of Jesus. God is ready to receive each of us without us having to do anything.  God is [...]

July 2021

Dirty Dancing~2 Samuel 6: 1-5, 12b-19

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Given by Rev. Madison Shockley July 11, 2021 Today our theme is dancing. Dance is the highest form of engagement. It involves your whole being, mind, heart, and body. King David heard of the blessings given by the Ark of the Covenant on the house of Obed-Edom. King David brought the Ark to the City of [...]

March 2021

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