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December 2017

The Year of The Woman (Again)~Luke 1: 26-38

By |2017-12-31T20:31:26-07:00December 24th, 2017|sermons|

Given By Rev. Madison Shockley December 24, 2017 On this Christmas Eve, we look at the role Mary plays in the Christmas story. Every year, month, and day is the moment of the woman. It is hard not to consider the essential contributions and role women play in everyday life. Many have tried. Historically, women [...]

November 2017

Funding the Resistance – The Gospel of Matthew 9:35-10:4

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Given By Rev. Madison Shockley November 12, 2017 Jesus is known to have traveled the countryside healing, teaching and preaching the good news about the coming of the reign of God. This last aspect is often written off as something that happens after you die. Jesus's message was more present oriented though. The realm of [...]

The Porcine Qualities of Men (Men are Pigs)

By |2017-11-30T20:08:28-07:00November 5th, 2017|sermons| Given By Rev. Madison Shockley November 5, 2017 The recent cases of powerful men who are accused of sexual harassment and/or assault are increasing in the news this week. For every famous person who has come forward, there are millions of ordinary victims, both male and female. What is amazing is that upon [...]

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