March 2019

Hello, Can You Hear Me?~ Isaiah 58: 1-12

By |2019-04-19T00:17:16-07:00March 31st, 2019|sermons|

Given By Youth Minister Anna Runion March 31, 2019 Our Youth Minister, Anna, is contemplating the changes that will occur in her and her husband's life as they raise their first child. In addition, what will the world be like in the unknowable forever? What will the world be like for this child? During the [...]

June 2017

Embracing The Mysteries in Our Lives

By |2017-06-29T19:02:39-07:00June 11th, 2017|sermons| Given By Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr. June 11, 2017 Today's sermon comes to us from the reflections of Dr. Fernando Arzola Jr. on a painting.  The Rembrandt painting titled  Philosopher in Meditation is said to be of Tobit and Anna awaiting their son, Tobias, to return. The man sits between the light and humanity. [...]

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