November 2021

Jesus, A Widow, and Temple Economics~ Mark 12: 41-44

By | November 7th, 2021|sermons|

Given by Rev. Madison Shockley November 7, 2021 This passage is a familiar one. A rich man and a poor widow donate to the temple. The widow gave all she had to the temple. The text emphasized that God was concerned about the widows, orphans, and strangers in society. These three groups were the most ...

October 2020

The Great Debate~ Matthew 22: 15-22

By | October 18th, 2020|sermons|

Given by Rev. Madison Shockley October 18, 2020 Throughout Jesus's life, he is engaged in debate. During his ministry, the Pharisees were usually his opponents. For example, Jesus questioned them on what was more important to God, what goes in your mouth or what comes out of your mouth. Today's text has asked the question ...