Today’s sermon comes from 2 Kings 2. We have been talking about Elijah, one of the greatest prophets. He lived during a time of great idolatry. Great times call forth great people. God called prophets to challenge, confront, and contest those in power, whether it be a king or a priest. A prophet went to where corruption occurred. Elijah dealt with exploitation of workers and immigrants, abuse of women and children, slavery, police corruption, and sexual abuse. Things have not changed much since those ancient times. These prophets call back the nation to justice and righteousness. God can use anybody as a prophet. Elijah was a simple farmer before he was called. In the reading, Elijah’s son, Elisha, is taking up the mantle to carry on his father’s mission. Today, we tend to get caught up in remembering the past great leaders but we must also remember that they were once simple ordinary people before they were called by God. The next great leader of the Twenty-First Century will come from people just like you. Each generation must call up their own prophet/prophets to lead them. Pick up the mantle now to be that voice in a world gone mad!