Many people do not realize that the Book of Genesis contains two different creation stories. Each gives a different vision of humanity and our relationship with God. Despite their irreconcilable differences, many people have harmonized them. In the first story, God simply created humanity, both male and female, at the same time. They are equal. The misunderstanding that men were created first came from the patriarchal reading of the Hebrew word, adam, from the word Adamah, meaning ground.  This word had been mistranslated as Adam, the name of the first person created. The true meaning from this passage is all people are created equal. The Founders of the United States used four different words to refer to humanity (human, people, mankind, and men). Some may argue that the writers meant all individuals but politically and practically, they meant only white, male property-owners. There has been a struggle for all those who were left out (poor, females, minorities) to fight their way in the meaning of that powerful phrase. We see this today as the Supreme Court rules against the State of Texas concerning Health Care Clinics regulations. Without freedom, we are not truly human.