Continuing with the lessons of Jesus, we learn more from the Sermon on the Mount. Last week, we are instructed to love our neighbor. This week, we are instructed to love our enemies. It is hard to imagine a more difficult task given the current divide in America. In Jesus’s time period, he had to deal with difficult people too. The Romans and their beliefs put our current problems in perspective. We have it easy.

Jesus found a way to turn the other cheek. He does this to show us how to be children of God. A true child of God does not just look like the parent but acts like the parent as well. When was the last time you did something that looked like God? The act of turning the other cheek combined with the attitude of loving your enemy is a powerful thing. It is not an act of surrender but the basis for nonviolent civil disobedience. A wonderful example occurred during the Civil Rights Movement. The demonstrators and marchers had to have training before they were allowed to march or demonstrate.

There are two ways to be disobedient, do too little (resist) or do too much. The reason why we should do this is to save our enemies from a life of oppression, injustice, and hatred. Jesus want to save everyone. In order to live and love our neighbors, we must first love them out of being our enemy.