Given By Rev. Madison Shockley April 9, 2017

Each of the four Gospels tells us something concerning Jesus’s entrance into Jerusalem.  Matthew goes overboard with his description. He has Jesus riding both a donkey and a colt. Matthew lacks the understanding that in Hebrew poetry there is synonymous parallelism. They say one thing then say it again using different words.  In taking this passage literally, there is absurdity. This scene shows Jesus both self-mocking and mocking the Roman style of entering Rome.  Successful Roman generals would make a huge deal upon entering the capital. They had a elaborate triumph parade to show how important they were. Jesus entered on a simple donkey, flanked by his disciples, with the people waving palm branches, as his triumph parade into Jerusalem. It was a First Century Doo Dah Parade. Jesus and his followers came to celebrate Passover. This was a celebration of freedom in a city that was occupied. Jesus’s ride into Jerusalem was both a celebration and an act of resistance against oppression. It was an act of celebrating the freedom that you deserve while you struggle to obtain that freedom you do not have yet. It is a celebration of resistance. There is a difference between a parade and a march. The Romans had a parade while Jesus had a march. We are encouraged to march against oppression in it many forms. Marching is always a precursor to action. After we march, we must set out to clean up our world so everyone has the freedoms they deserve.