Given By Rev. Madison Shockley July 16, 2017

Today’s reading describes the confrontation between Jesus and the scribes and Pharisees which originated the saying, ” A house divided cannot stand.”  Casting out demons was a common part of Jesus’s ministry.  This passage describes how many, even his pwn family, had thought he had lost his mind doing so many exorcisms.  The scribes’s theory was Jesus was actually possessed himself. Since he is in league with the chief demon, Beelzebul, this is why he could give commands to the demons. Jesus tells them that if some demons are working for Satan while others work for Beelzebul, the kingdom could not stand. A kingdom cannot be divided and remain strong. We have a similar example from American history. During the Civil War, our country was divided over slavery. A choice had to be made or the country would fall. Abraham Lincoln spoke eloquently on this topic. A present day example is offered by Thomas Friedman about the current controversy concerning Russia’s alleged interfering with the past election. He feels this is an attempt to divided the West. Our country is now as greatly divided as we were during the Civil War. Democracy is fragile and can be broken. Each side within America has their own set of facts.  We can’t seem to find common ground. Have we so demonized the opposition that we are like Satan and Beelzebul? God sees no borders and speaks every language. Let all of us be God’s children. Let us be a member of God’s kingdom. Let us hold up this hope for all to see.