Given By Rev. Madison Shockley March 25, 2018

On this Passion Palm Sunday, we look at our suffering or passion. Gun violence have taken the lives of many of our most vulnerable, our children.  In the reading, Jesus is making his way into Jerusalem. Jesus knew what fate awaited him for what he was about to do yet he did it anyway. He proclaim the gospel of the empire of God. The Roman Empire did not tolerate any other empire. Jesus and his followers marched into the city imitating the victory procession of the Roman conquerors. He did it in his own unique way, on a donkey. His message was that he did not need arms to defeat the Romans. Jesus was teaching a new way of life. The kingdom of God would prevail. Jesus had already won so it did not matter what they did to him. The practice of marching is still with us today. Yesterday, thousands marched for our lives. Jesus marched for a way of life. We also marched for a way of life, gun-free schools. Students want to feel safe while they learn. This was a march on our priorities, guns versus children. Enough is enough. We are marching for hope, love, and our lives.