Given By Rev. Jaime Romo on April 22, 2018

Through our life experiences and beliefs, we draw meaning in what we do and how we see God.  We draw meaning about our relationships. The reading today talks about being a good shepherd. What does that mean for us today?  The ancient community had been ostracized. They needed someone who would lay down their life for them. They wanted someone to bring others into the fold. Someone who supported them. Someone who cared. They were one with God and love. They have an answer to “why” to live, not just how. We gain insight so life has meaning. Jesus had a vision of what life could be and passes this on to us. It is up to us to bring this vision into reality. Each of us matter. What we do matters. We are not the sheep in today’s reading but the shepherds. We lay down our lives and are committed to what matters. We let all the “others” know they matter. We serve others in need. Love is our meaning.