Given By Rev Madison Shockley on May 27 2018

Today’s reading is one of the call narratives. Isaiah has am amazing vision of God. When God asks who will go out and do God’s work, Isaiah tells God to send him.  While experiencing this vision, Isaiah feels the full weight of his humanity. He knows he is not worthy to be in the presence of the divine.  God offers purification. Throughout the ancient world, prophets were known for their visions. Prophets stand outside of the power/government and relentlessly gives criticism. They were the voice of God. One of their focuses is attacking social injustice. They scolded the nobles and the rich for trying to take away the rights of the poor. Just like in ancient times, we take to task the “decadent upper classes” who seem concerned with only material wealth. The work of the prophets was hard since the powerful could not take correction, just like today. The work never ends. Prophets are always needed. Someone needs to step forward. God is calling. Will you answer?